Christa Mackinnon

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Article: Waking up to the Sacred in Nature and Reclaiming our Earth Soul
Published in ‘Wake Up World’ April 2017


Bridging the Worlds - Talk at the James Braid Society 2016
Powerpoint and short version available via:


Article: The Return of the Feminine Principle - A Question of ‘Thriving Life’ or ‘Destructive Death’
Published in ‘Wake Up World’, May 2016


Article: What About the Feminine? How Patriarchal Value Systems Affect Consciousness
Published in ‘WAKE UP WORLD’, November 2014


Article: Re-claiming our Collective and Personal Creation Myths
Published in: Indie Shaman Magazine, spring 2014, issue 21

Article: Past Life Therapy
Published in APHP Journal, spring 2014


Article: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times: Bridging the Worlds
Shamanic Teachings and the Contemporary Therapeutic
Published in: Sesame Journal International, issue 19, spring 2014, p.5-9


Article: ‘Mongolia, Land of Nomads, Shamans and Buddhists’, featured in: Indie Shaman Magazine,
autumn 2013, issue 18:


Interview: 'A Shamanesse in Devonshire: David Sparenberg interviews Christa Mackinnon' featured in: Dream Network Journal USA, autumn 2013, page 15:


Article: Embodying Energy in an Object for Therapeutic Purposes
Book extract featured in: Kinetics Magazine, October 2012, p.20


Interview: Indie Shaman Magazine, spring 2013, page 17:


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Article: ‘The power and beauty of ceremony’ featured in: Indie Shaman, autumn 2012, issue 14§ionid=1&task=edit&cid=20

BSCH: Interview with a Hypnotherapist, November 2012


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