Christa Mackinnon

Journey drumming downloads:

20 min Journey drumming (MP3 - 32Mb)

Please Note: This drumming MP3 has been temporarily withdrawn. I am currently working on a new drumming video, which will be available here shortly. If you want me to send you the withdrawn drumming MP3 via dropbox, please contact me via the contact page.


Listing of presentations, papers and articles:

Past Life Therapy
Originally published in APHP Journal, spring 2014

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times: Bridging the Worlds

Shamanic Teachings and the Contemporary Therapeutic
Article published in: Sesame Journal International, issue 19, spring 2014

A Shamaness in Devonshire: David Sparenberg interviews Christa Mackinnon
Interview published in Dream Network Journal, USA, 2013

From Body/Mind to Soul/Spirit: A Different Paradigm
Paper & Presentation: LOROS, Annual Hospice Care Conference, 2013

Mongolia: Land of Nomads, Shamans and Buddhists
Article: Published in: Indie Shaman Magazine, Issue 18, 2013

Ceremonial Work for Change, Integration and Transformation in Psychotherapeutic Practice
Paper & Presentation: CONFER, October 2013

Ten Practices to Re-enchant your Life
Adjusted power points of talk at Women’s Circle, Glasgow, 2012

The Power and Beauty of Ceremony
Article: Indie Shaman Magazine, 4, 2012

Embodying Energy in an Object for Therapeutic Purposes
Kinetics Magazine, October 2012, p.20

Is there a place for spirituality and soul in contemporary therapy?
Paper & Presentation: 10th conference of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, 2012

Searching for Solutions: Towards implementing the feminine principle in human society
Article: EnzineArticles, 2011


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