Christa Mackinnon

This inspirational, insightful and ground breaking book, originally conceptualized for therapeutic professionals, is compelling reading for everybody who is interested in the subject. Compared to the writings of C.G. Jung, it has been described as a ‘must read’,  ‘enlightened contribution’ and a ‘remarkable achievement’.  

In a thoroughly researched and highly accessible way it describes ancient and contemporary shamanism as well a modern therapeutic approaches, and puts both into the wider context of human development. Christa examines and explains the underlying concepts and world-views of shamanism and ties them in with current developments in psychology, physics and neuro-science.

After clarifying altered states, concepts of integrative wholeness of mind, body, soul and spirit and transformative shamanic healing approaches, the book focuses on how indigenous traditions can be adjusted to offer contemporary practitioners a highly effective repertoire of insights, psycho-spiritual approaches and therapeutic tools. Those concrete tools and techniques are described step-by-step, enabling application, and research, examples and case studies are presented throughout.

This exceptional book is a rich source for psychologists, therapists, counsellors and coaches looking for profound insights and innovative methods of practice that cater for the whole human psyche, reaching beyond contemporary Western mind and body approaches, whilst also providing enlightening reading for non-professionals interested in the subject.

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An enlightened contribution to a world where individual and collective purpose must interweave if we hope to create a tapestry of survival
(John Perkins, New York Times bestselling author)

The Spirit of Carl Jung has evolved into the twenty first century through the work of Christa Mackinnon who has brilliantly integrated ancient indigenous wisdom with western therapeutic practice, bridging spirituality with psychology in a shamanic manner that Dr. Jung would revel in. Hands down one of the best books I've read to date.
(Matthew Pallamary, award winning author, editor, shamanic explorer)

A ‘must read’ for professionals: An important and relevant book for the times we live in. It is a “must read” for therapeutic professionals who look for enlightening insights and innovative methods of psycho-spiritual practice that cater for the whole human psyche.
(Ursula James, Visiting Teaching Fellow, Oxford University Medical School and author of The Source: A Manual of Everyday Magic)

A truly compelling, well researched, yet accessible book for therapeutic professionals conveying a wealth of knowledge, insights and practical applications.
(John Hempstead, Chair, British Society of Clinical Hypnosis)

Remarkable achievement: Christa Mackinnon has achieved something remarkable. Respecting the claims of both the everyday and the magical, she has produced a synthesis which bridges the gap. Her range of knowledge and experience is impressive… Her message is just what a better future requires.
(Rick – Amazon)

Best book on the subject: An excellent book…. It is one of the best books I have read about the subject. I agree with John Perkins who called it an "enlightened contribution". If you ever buy a book on the subject matter, this is the one to buy!
(Roger M. – Amazon)

Worth its weight in diamonds: This book is incredibly well written, both for the lay-person and the professional. Full of insight, wisdom and compassion, many of the case studies moved me to tears, such was the depth of healing received. I particularly loved the clear directional markers for further research on the specific areas of Shamanic practice covered, and was impressed by the authors depth of knowledge and understanding of the subject. In fact the entire book is written to be understood and used, without any of the obscurity or highly ritualistic elements so common to Shamanic texts. I have to say that if you are looking for books that will broaden your understanding of Shamanism or provide clear instructions for how to incorporate Shamanism into your current practices or daily life, this book will definitely hit the spot. Highly recommended!!!
(Natalie – Amazon)

Amazing: This is an outstanding book. I absolutely loved reading it. It is informative, well researched, infused with the author's own experiences, contains case studies and step-by-step instructions for techniques and approaches. It is a book filled with wisdom that speaks to the heart as well as the mind. I would recommend it to all therapeutic professionals as well as to people interested in the subject.
(Karen – Amazon)

Accomplished: Christa Mackinnon is an accomplished therapist and academic, who writes with conviction about a subject she is passionate about.
(Avy Joseph, Principal, The College of Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy, author of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)

This book is inspirational and a total 'MUST’. I have found this book an absolute joy to read. Not only is it informative in a way that appeals to my academic side, it has also given 'food for thought' to a part of my life which is beyond academia and science and yet is integral to my existence. Christa Mackinnon has achieved a definite balance in providing all aspects of knowledge through the written word of research and theory and her own personal experiences, all of which enhance this very erudite book. In it I found the answers to questions that came up for me as I read it. It is beautifully thought out, thus enabling this process to naturally occur. The referencing gives clear direction to greater information if desired. Reading the book feels like going through a process in which the outcome leaves one feeling richer and more fulfilled in knowledge, understanding and introspection, with a greater sense of purpose. The subject matter is immense and consequently there could have been a tendency to incorporate too much information as to become disparate and unconnected, however, Christa Mackinnon has managed to hold the boundaries, thus enabling the reader to absorb the written word without feeling overloaded. Her writing is open and not dictatorial; it offers perspectives rather than being confined, which gives the reader the opportunity to add it to their own life view rather than reject it or adopt it as absolute.
(Jo-Seraphina – Amazon)

Very special book: This book is a must read for both Shamanic Practitioners and Psychotherapists. It has to be the clearest and most helpful book on this subject I have ever read. Things I know but have struggled for years to put into words are all here, clear and meaningful in an accessible and down to earth style that anyone with an interest would be able to read. It teaches but more than that it speaks to what we already know....a brilliant book!
(Penny L. – Amazon)

One of the best Therapist books I've read in a long time. I've already used several techniques mentioned with great results. For example after reading the chapter about "story writing" I used it the next day. My client wrote a very moving story, the following week she reported being about to move on from a difficult relationship, for the first time in 5 years.
(Gilly B. – Amazon)




Introduction: The Bigger Picture.

Part I. Spirituality Matters.

1. Spirituality and Psychology.

Part II. The World of Shamanism.

2. Shamanism: The Continuum of Humanities Spiritual Quest.

3. The Heart of the Matter: Altered States of Consciousness and Perception.

4. Strange Worlds: The Shaman's Spirit Realms and the Quantum Realm.

5. The Shaman as Therapist and Healer: Towards Integration and Wholeness.

6. The Shamans Working Realms: Maps of Interconnected Human Reality.

Part III. Practical Applications: Incorporating Elements of Shamanism into Therapeutic Work.

7. A Sense of the Sacred: Clients, Space and Objects.

8. Giving it Form: Embodying and Bridging Intent into Matter.

9. A Place of Power and Sanctuary for the Client.

10. The Shamanic Journey as a Therapeutic Tool.

11. Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval.

12. Widening our Circle: Connecting with Ancestors and Descendents.

13. Myths, Stories and Teaching Tales.

14. Therapeutic Work with Ritual and Ceremony.

15. The Medicine Wheel as a Psycho-spiritual and Therapeutic Tool.

16. Travelling Home: Re-connecting with Nature.

17. The Cycle of Life: When the Body Dies.

Part IV. Back to the Bigger Picture.

18. About Individual and Collective Purpose in Today's World.



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