Christa Mackinnon

Training Course, London
Bridging the Worlds: Shamanism for Therapeutic Professionals

This exciting four-weekend course will enchant you, open new worlds and enrich your life. You will awaken and develop the shamanic within you, as well as learn approaches and tools you can utilize in your work with clients and groups.

Dartington Hall, Devon
Your Uniqueness Matters: Walking the Heart Centred Path of Creativity and Contribution

 ‘There is no other like you, you are one of a kind

For women, identifying the hidden treasure in others is often effortless, but noticing their own creative potential can be a challenge. This two-day inspirational course is for women who wish to invoke their passions, step into their dreams, and unleash their unique gifts to the world.

Access and Develop your Authentic Writing Skills

We all have the ability to write when we access the creative parts of our brain. This very popular workshop provides a safe space in which to experience various ways to activate the creative areas of the brain and create stories, essays and poems, or begin to create a structure and content outline for a non-fiction book.

From the fear of the Body/Mind to the Peace of the Soul/Spirit

This workshop is organized by a group of therapists, counselors and complementary practitioners in Totnes, Devon. There are a few places available for interested people

We will cover:

  • The shamanic view of the world - key concepts
  • The shamanic view of transition periods
  • Implications for death and dying
  • How to live well so that we can die well
  • Exercise to explore the realms beyond
  • Exercise to explore the transition between the realms
  • Exercise to explore death
  • What we might want to put in place
  • How we can assist the dying person

Course Fees:

Early Bird Fees:  £60. The full early bird fees are payable by 5 November 2016

Regular Fees: £80. The full regular fees are payable by 18 November 2016

Please click here to download the flyer.

Talk:  The James Braid Society, London
Shamanic Approaches in Contemporary Therapy

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