Christa Mackinnon

Dartington Hall, Devon
Your Uniqueness Matters: Walking the Heart Centred Path of Creativity and Contribution

 ‘There is no other like you, you are one of a kind

For women, identifying the hidden treasure in others is often effortless, but noticing their own creative potential can be a challenge. This two-day inspirational course is for women who wish to invoke their passions, step into their dreams, and unleash their unique gifts to the world.

Honour your uniqueness, nurture your gifts, and turn them into projects or career paths, you can manifest in your world today.

Both facilitators, Vanessa, teacher, healer, & founder of ‘Walk Your Talk Retreats’ and Christa, psychologist, shamanic teacher and author of two highly acclaimed books, have done this successfully. We feel that now is the time for women to ‘walk their unique feminine path with heart and purpose’, create consciously, bring their gifts forward and contribute their uniqueness to the world.

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