Christa Mackinnon

From the fear of the Body/Mind to the Peace of the Soul/Spirit

This workshop is organized by a group of therapists, counselors and complementary practitioners in Totnes, Devon. There are a few places available for interested people

We will cover:

  • The shamanic view of the world - key concepts
  • The shamanic view of transition periods
  • Implications for death and dying
  • How to live well so that we can die well
  • Exercise to explore the realms beyond
  • Exercise to explore the transition between the realms
  • Exercise to explore death
  • What we might want to put in place
  • How we can assist the dying person

Course Fees:

Early Bird Fees:  £60. The full early bird fees are payable by 5 November 2016

Regular Fees: £80. The full regular fees are payable by 18 November 2016

Please click here to download the flyer.