Christa Mackinnon

11th April 2015, Devon
Stepping into your Rainbow Power
Chakra Dancing & Journey Drumming for Women

Join us for an empowering one-day workshop of exploring, energising and balancing your energy centres. Facilitated by Teresa Konnaris and Christa Mackinnon.

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"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, BEGIN IT NOW!" (Goethe)

If you are a woman who wants to write a non-fiction book, based on your own area of expertise, experience, wisdom and knowledge, then this workshop is for you.

It is a unique opportunity to spend an intensive training day with me. Not only will I teach you all you need to know about creating and writing the book you always wanted to write, I will cover everything you need to know so that you can get your book published.

 This workshop is organized by Grace Chatting, the director and founder of ‘Damsels in Success’ in Plymouth who will be assisting on the workshop.

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With Christa Mackinnon and Michelle Hague
This experiential course will teach you the ancient tool of shamanic soul retrieval, adjusted to contemporary practice. It is open to everybody who has some experience in shamanic journeying or shamanic work, or is a trained therapeutic professional. The course is certificated and carries CPD points for therapists.

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With Christa Mackinnon and Sue Fox

This experiential training course will teach therapeutic professionals the ancient tool of soul retrieval, adjusted to contemporary practice, and will link shamanic concepts with Psychosynthesis, a psychology of the soul. It is a certificated, comprehensive course that will enable you to include Journeying and Soul Retrieval into your therapeutic practice.

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A one-day deep journeying workshop with myself and Sally Free, gong master extraordinaire.

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