Christa Mackinnon

27th January 2014
Talk: Shamanism and Contemporary Therapy

Shamanism Meet-up, SOAS, University of London
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24th October 2015, Devon
Chakra Dancing & Journey Drumming for Women
Stepping into your Rainbow Powe

Join us for an empowering one-day workshop of exploring, energising and balancing your energy centres. Facilitated by Teresa Konnaris and Christa Mackinnon.

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9th April 2016
Talk and workshop at Confer UK CPD / Conference
‘Shamanic Approaches in Modern Psychotherapy‘

An exciting day for psychologists, therapists & counsellors with Dr Tim Reid, Dr Angela Cotter & Christa Mackinnon

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14th May 2016 - Cheltenham
Awaken your Inner Shaman:
Journeys of Healing, Development & Creation

This workshop will be hosted by the Isbourne Holistic Centre, Cheltenham
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