Christa Mackinnon

This book is an introductory guide the shamanism – the oldest and most enduring spiritual wisdom tradition - and its powerful practices for expansion of consciousness, reconnecting to earth, soul and spirit, healing and finding wholeness.

Published internationally in the Hay House Basics series, which features world-class experts sharing their knowledge on the topics that matter most for improving your life, this book gives you a comprehensive introduction to shamanism and then leads you step-by-step through the subject.

You will learn progressively how to bring the shamanic and sacred into your life, how to use the enchanting and profound tools for self-development, spirit connection, consciousness enhancement and co-creating your reality, working towards wholeness.

It teaches you how to:

  • Build an altar and create a sacred space.
  • Conduct ceremonies and create a daily ritual.
  • Connect with spirit helpers, including power animals and guides.
  • Undergo transformative journeys for healing and development.
  • Connect with ancestors and descendants.
  • Use dance as a tool for awakening and freedom.
  • Re-connect with nature and nourish your earth soul.
  • Become part of the circle.
  • Use dreaming and co-creative ways to create your life.

... and much more!

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 Published by: Hay House UK

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