Working with Sacred Stone Circles in Cornwall

Annie Spencer, an elder indigenous to Cornwall, is in conversation with Christa Mackinnon talking about the most ancient stone circles  in the Penwith area of Cornwall, which date from around 1500 – 2500 B. They are pre-historic ancient ceremonial places within a wild landscape, temples from our early ancestors. Annie, a ceremonialist, shamanic teacher and…

What makes a Sacred Place Sacred? Itzhak Beery in conversation with Christa Mackinnon

Itzhak Beery, shamanic teacher, healer, wisdom keeper, bestselling author and founder of the Andes Summit explores, in conversation with Christa Mackinnon, the ingredients of ‘sacred places’. He discusses what makes such places sacred, how indigenous people nurture them, connect with them and work with their power. Itzhak and Christa explore various places around the world,…

Guided Journey to Connect with Your Ancestors

This video guides you step-by-step through a journey to the ancestral grove to meet an ancestral circle, honour your ancestors and communicate with them. If you would like a digital drumming download ( 20 minutes journey drumming) you can use for all your journeys and a guide to journeying please click into:

Shamanism: Science vs Spirituality

Lester Savage from Primal Life interviews Christa Mackinnon April 2018 Join this incredible discussion as we cover the mind blowing topics of energy, ayahuasca, mental illness, the science in shamanism and the journey of healing. Not one to be missed!