Guided Journey to Connect with Your Ancestors

This video guides you step-by-step through a journey to the ancestral grove to meet an ancestral circle, honour your ancestors and communicate with them. If you would like a digital drumming download ( 20 minutes journey drumming) you can use for all your journeys and a guide to journeying please click into:

Shamanism: Science vs Spirituality

Lester Savage from Primal Life interviews Christa Mackinnon April 2018 Join this incredible discussion as we cover the mind blowing topics of energy, ayahuasca, mental illness, the science in shamanism and the journey of healing. Not one to be missed!

Encounter With The Jaguar – Processing And Integrating The Aftermath

For most people plant ceremonies provide beneficial experiences. As perception alters, consciousness expands and world-views change, they heal and grow. Even fear or terror states, brought about by ‘shadow encounters’, usually process themselves to adaptive conclusions. For some people though, the aftermath of ‘shadow encounters’ can be profoundly disturbing, especially when dissociated traumatic material is…

Shamanism, Spirituality and Healing in Therapy

In this exclusive video, Christa Mackinnon gets to the heart of how adjusted shamanic healing techniques can be a major asset to any therapeutic practice. Christa is a social psychologist, family counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and group facilitator with over 25 years of professional experience as a therapist as well as an international trainer and lecturer.…